I have been meaning to write this for a while since having my Corvette aligned by Peter. He is the kind of professional you feel so lucky to have found, absolutely an enthusiast and so dedicated to his craft. Peter even called me after my drive home to ask me how the car felt. He is genuinely interested in the result and it was absolutely perfect. There really needs to be 6 stars (or more) for places like this !
Darren Wood
I am speechless. I have never met a more down to earth bloke who is so passionate for what he does. Road2race has to be one of the most professional and outstanding workshops ive ever visited. I called up to get some prices for installation and adjustment of my new MCA Coilovers. Peter was more than helpful. He was strapped for time as he was a one man team at the time I enquired, and still managed to take the time out of his day to go through all details and pricing with me. I followed through and booked in and im very glad I did so. Peter was just as passionate about my car as I was. He takes amazing pride in his work and will ensure that everything is set exactly how you want it, aswell as giving his professional opinion and advice along the way. He goes above and beyond with his service at Road2Race and I would recommend him to anyone looking to get wheel alignments to full on track/racing set ups. 10/10 Peter, I'm positive i'll be back in the future.
Connor Mcphail
Alfa Romeo 2.0 T Spark wheel alignment. Quite possibly the nicest guy I've ever met when getting 'things aligned'. Took a genuine interest in how I drive and look after my car. Understanding what I wanted and what problems I'd been having with other mechanics messing things up. All the positive reviews are so true. Peter is the ultimate professional and yes, I too drove home with an ear-to-ear smile (after an dreadful wandering and vibrating drive there). I even took a 60km detour on the way home as I just had to find some 'twisties' to drive with gusto. My car has been returned to all his glory. Thank You Peter, and yes, I will still drive 70 km from Newcastle to use your services in future.
Mark Lindsay
My son bought a WRX and took it to Road 2 Race, it came out a different car. We can not thank him enough from the great job he did. If was very reasonable with the price and his expertise outways the cost.
Sue-Anne Sheath
Highly recommend, Honest and humble service. Example: Had a knocking sound on a CRV, been to most of gosford mechanics and they all assumed replacing a shock absorber and a cv joint ($400) I ignored the problem and dealt with it until i got a engine oil service. He found and fixed the problem (sway bar bushing) within 10 mins. Unbelievable service, Now my whole family and friends use Road2Race. Peter and his sidekick are absolutely amazing mechanics. Cheers guys
Eric Mason
Peter from Road 2 Race is a legend, Great mechanic and does proper precision alignments. Which makes your car feel and drive better then ever. Genuine and always happy to help out with any issues.
Dominik Owsinski
Amazing service, great honest work at a very good price. I would highly recommend peter to my friends and family.
Nicholas Kellie
Unbelievably passionate about his job with quality workmanship to match, I don't just anyone else with my car and recommend everyone I know
Thomas Spooner
Peter is a great guy with loads of experience and is meticulous in the way he works.
Nik Stanyer
Fantastic service Peter goes the extra mile
Sean S
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